1. Why do we collect information?

We are collecting information about the visitor who is interested in knowing more about our business and services, so as to address respond to their queries, provide a quotation for their requested service, proposal, etc.

2. What information collected?

We request the following information:

  • Name
  • Visitor’s Company Name
  • Visitor’s Company Website
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

3. How will this information be used by us?

Information will be used only for understanding details of the requirements and sending proposals, quotations, etc.

4. Will this information be transferred to third parties?

We DO NOT give the information to any third party.

5. Will the email address provided be added to any mailing list?

No. We DO NOT add the email address to any bulk mailing list. We ONLY respond to the query and occasionally follow-up in future for our services. NO newsletters, spam or regular mail advertisements of any sort are sent.

6. Is it possible to opt-out of future communications?

In case a visitor does not want to be contacted again, an email can be sent to do-not-contact@qualexsystems.com with subject “DO NOT CONTACT

7. Using remarketing or similar audiences to advertise online

We are using remarketing and similar audiences features of Google, LinkedIn & Facebook and other third-party advertising platforms. Those platforms may show display ads about our services and products to our past website visitors.