Let’s grow together

QualEx is two-decade-old, continuously growing offshore product development company with several exciting global career opportunities that carry a rewarding global reputation with them. We provide an excellent working environment for everyone that empowers our employees with the capabilities to learn, and leverage.

A Learning and Growth-led Environment at QualEx

Competitive Compensation

We offer best competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package for a position in the industry.


Comprehensive benefits package includes medical insurance cover for staff and dependents.

Comprehensive HR Policies

Our policies addresses a broad spectrum of HR issues & applied consistently and fairly across the organization.

Training &

Conferences and seminars, Trainings and certifications, Team outing and fun activities, Team Building Activities, Equal opportunity

Equal Opportunity Employment

QualEx is committed to an equal opportunity at workplace & is an affirmative action employer without discrimination on any ground.

Work Life

Flexible to special needs of employees, helps empowering them, making them successful and aligned with organizational goal.
Core Values
At QualEx, we are proud, and serious about our values that include

Authenticity and integrity


Customer focus to deliver value-driven results

Complete ownership of the responsibilities we undertake

Continuous improvement - Continuous learning and growth-oriented approach

Achieving results by fostering a collaborative working environment

Work with QualEx

If you are a software professional with the necessary expertise and experience in working on software development projects, you may send your resume at info@qualexsystems.com

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