Networking and Telecom

The ever-evolving networking sector comprises approaches such as SD-WAN, SDN, IoT network segmentation & monitoring, network analytics, edge computing, network automation, etc. Dealing with each of these approaches requires service providers to the networking and telecom industry to partner with expert companies to develop products that fulfill the needs of the dynamic networking and telecom sector. QualEx provides technology services to tech startups, SMEs, etc., that work with networking and telecom service providers. Our extensive service spectrum encompasses various services that cover the technological aspects of the networking and telecom sector. At QualEx, we hire skilled resources that precisely serve the project’s needs, host the team, and provide the required solutions while leading the team throughout the project.

Our Network and Telecom Software Development Services

We help our clients enhance agility, provide a higher network capacity, reduce complexities, lower IT costs, and minimize involuntarily occurred downtime. Besides, we monitor, manage, and reinforce our client’s existing network devices to foster incredible speed, provide high-level external security protection, and enhance resilience. We do so through the following services to companies that offer solutions and network and telecom companies.

Accelerate your software development from a reliable technology partner

Our Competencies

Our competencies cover a range of areas from product development to quality assurance and product support to thus offer a complete package of services to tech service providers of the network and telecom business domain.