Data Storage

In recent years, data generation has increased multiple times. Businesses these days can generate billions of bytes of data every day. A significant amount of the data generated, if stored appropriately and used wisely, can assist businesses with projections and informed decision-making.

However, with increased data usage and generation, there’s a need for data storage systems as well to evolve. And that, precisely, calls for partnering with an Offshore software product development company that can assist on improving existing products or developing new ones. QualEx gives you that much-required data storage advantage! Our extensive experience and expertise in Data Storage Development and Data Protection Areas qualify us to provide comprehensive and customized data storage services and solutions to companies from the data storage industry.

We hire and build teams with data storage domain expertise and leverage our own experience to provide effective data storage, data management, and data protection solutions and services. Our teams are built with an ability to work in core components, including kernel, file systems, volume management, etc. and phases of product development life cycle like Research, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance.

To date, we have worked with multinational data storage companies like EMC, Seagate and a few others worldwide. We have successfully developed Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) for companies dealing in Network Attached Solutions (NAS), clustered file system and enclosure management products, cloud-based data storage solutions, etc. Our innovation focus has helped our customers in several new product features and enhancements, resulting in multiple patent applications from our development teams.

Get Data Storage Software Development from a Reliable Technology Partner and Transform Your Business.

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We develop talented offshore software development teams with the necessary expertise to provide data storage services.