Transform Your Business With your own Offshore Development Centre
The smart choice.
ODC lets your business launch applications quicker to market and cut down the release cycle while providing consistent high performance. Our experts deliver reliable services that help boost organizational productivity and give your business an edge over competitors.  

What is ODC?
The offshore software development centre enables companies to leverage cutting-edge technologies in unison with access to a pool of technology experts and valuable resources cost-effectively. The ODC help accelerate the development process, reduce time-to-market, and exponentially shorten the update release cycles.

Grow beyond limits With A Robust ODC Infrastructure.

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  • The offshore software development centre allows enterprises to take advantage of a scalable platform to expand the business sphere.
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  • The offshore development centre is designed for trust. Confidentiality, compliance, and security are at the core of ODCs.
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  • The meticulously developed analytical platform offered by the offshore development centre allows institutions to track progress and understand the bigger picture at play.
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  • The multifaceted management teams at the offshore software development centre will make your operation management a seamless experience with the highest degree of inclusivity.
Confidently Establish Your Offshore Development Centre With Qualex Systems.
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    We help you step up your own offshore software development centre ODC to ramp up development and scale up fast. It comprises a dedicated team of developers working on innovations and adding productive value to the organization.
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    We employ the Build-Operate-transfer model, plus set up, establish, and operate ODC to a specific timeframe; later, the output is transferred to the end customer at predetermined terms.
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    With the offshore software development centres, enterprises can leverage QualEx Systems’ advanced automation capabilities and managed operations models at scale.
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    With the help of our innovative approaches and practices, our offshore development centre has solved numerous critical challenges such as time zone differences, delayed project delivery, extended turnaround time, poor operation management, and communication challenges that are extensively experienced by our clients in the industry.
Build the best team of world-class professionals.

QualEx Systems has experience in establishing a highly secured state-of-the-art offshore development centre with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 

We serve a myriad of clients with a wide range of project requirements across numerous industries. Our services combine our seasoned expertise, deeply-skilled technology experts, and industry understanding to provide critical business value to our esteemed customers. 

At QualEx Systems, we strive to provide the best in class technical assistance to businesses across all industries, looking forward to setting up fully functional offshore development centres in India.

What do clients say about QualEx Systems? 

After comparing the track records of several vendors and selecting the ideal offshore development centre, the first step is setting up a team of dedicated offshore software developers and onsite engineers. Next, your organization must structure appropriate data centres and data security protocols in association with an offshore development centre, essential to kickstart the actual software implementation process. Your organization will be provided with a project tracking and management suite by the respective offshore software development centre to monitor progress and evaluate performance including process compliance. 

At our offshore development centres, we employ transparent processes that are further divided into multiple or multi-level developmental phases. The development process starts with questionnaires to better understand client requirements and to gather the information required for planning workflow. The second phase includes well-structured and design-led iterative development processes. The third phase focuses on performance optimization implementation of automated testing and integration process following the CI/ CD development model. The final stage deals with the improvisation of the final product based on the feedback from the stakeholders and the overall market outlook. But, with QualEx Systems, businesses get exclusive access to industry-leading cloud consultants, an entire array of DevOps services, and robust enterprise storage solutions.

The automated project development workflow and optimized project management techniques have made our offshore software development centres efficient and shortened software implementation and delivery time, ensuring a seamless experience. At our offshore development centre, we employ agile software development practices such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, automated acceptance testing, test-driven development (TDD), developing software features in vertical slices, refactoring, and others to deliver reliable solutions. The outsourced software development teams at QualEx Systems ensure that the project’s progress is reported promptly per the policies to maintain trust and communication between the company and the client. Thus, our well-organized, transparent management and communication approach helps us deliver the project on time or even before time to our customers.

Both heavy-duty enterprise-level and small-scale business projects are suitable for offshore custom software development companies. The offshore software development centres allow institutions to save time and reduce costs by delegating scaled-down software development tasks to reliable teams of offshore developers rather than recruiting domestic developers in their in-house teams with the arrival of each new small-scale project requirement. In the case of the enterprise-level large-scale project, the offshore development centre enables corporations to bring down overall operational and development costs, resulting in increased profits across the board. Moreover, with the arrival of big projects, offshore development centres provide organizations exclusive access to highly skilled developers and the opportunity to manage the teams as their own

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At present, our offshore development centre partners with national and multinational corporations. The offshore software development centres are designed to provide exceptional technical support to your organization. Complete the form below to request our services, and our support team will contact you at short notice to resolve your queries.