Along with its technical prowess, QualEx’s success story is built on a strong foundation of management and support organizations. The people sourcing and charting a good career path is well taken care by the Recruitment & HR teams; ably supported by a simple but strong, one of the industry best, policy framework handled by Finance and Legal teams. A good, secure, highly available IT Infrastructure built and maintained by a knowledgeable IT team. And finally special attention being given by Operations and Administration functions to keep the business running smoothly. This foundation enables us to take on challenges of any of the following modes of association and make them a success:

Offshore Engagement Models


Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Development Center (ODC) has been a very popular term and engagement model. The benefits of an ODC, at QualEx, are

Dedicated Project Teams

We staff/build the project teams with 'hand picked', motivated, engineers, who are suitable for long term assignments. The most important challenge is of recruitment and considering the current state of employment market, the challenges to all companies, large and small, are similar.

The teams built at QualEx are of higher quality. These teams also have a better retention by due to flexible and better pay/benefits package.

All the organizations are process driven with several automated tools in place. Our smaller size also enables personal attention to the employees’ needs and issues for a quicker resolution.


Build Operate and Transfer (BOT)

The Build, Operate and Transfer (BoT) model benefits companies who wish to launch their offshore operations, in a quick manner, without having to go through the initial setup processes them self, let the team be built and operated and later to optionally get complete Control and Ownership after a pre-defined time or size criteria is reached.

The benefits of BOT are well known, like, scalability, short-term cost and risk avoidance, productivity, etc.


Outsourced Product Development (OPD)

This option is well known about tactical outsourcing; while the client concentrates on the most important aspects of the product, R&D and Marketing/Sales, the entire responsibility of product development right from design to delivery and support/maintenance is outsourced. This enables the clients to focus on their core competencies and get the software development from companies who have resources and expertise.

QualEx offers carrying out the entire responsibility as well as is open to work on certain aspects, say, just the development and QA. We have ample experience in this area having handled large projects from companies like EMC Corp. QualEx has a long term vision to continue in the software services business and aims to build a strong relationship with clients.

Pricing Models

IT Infrastructure

Hardware/ Software/ Infrastructure

QualEx IT Department acts as a catalyst in achieving QualEx Systems' strategic goals by providing an efficient, scalable and reliable infrastructure and services.

Adequate hardware and multi-user software to support dynamic scalability, Hardware / Software Firewalls, Antivirus software, Segmented network, Facility Access Control, 24/7 security, Fire Alarms, 24/7 Generator Power Backup, UPS, Dedicated support staff.

Stringent IP Protection

Data security and intellectual property protection is extremely critical for the successful management and execution of offshore outsourced projects.

Understanding these critical factors and to safeguard client IP and data, QualEx Systems has implemented the ISO27001 security standards. Our goal of implementing ISO27001 is to provide a common base for developing organizational security standards and effective security management practices and to provide confidence in inter-organizational dealings.

Adopting international standards in security confers certain advantages which help us to provide the best solutions.

QualEx Systems facilities are ISO27001 certified by BSI.


  • Stringent checks on data security and integrity and suitable backup procedures
  • Intrusion attacks and threats are handled and blocked at the gateway itself
  • Secure communication channels
  • Segmented networks to protect your IP and data
  • Physical checks, access control mechanisms to block unauthorized access
  • Data centers accessible to only authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis
  • Internal programs for user awareness to conform to security policies and standards
  • Risk management policies leading to better knowledge of information systems and ensuring dependable availability of hardware, software and data