Virendra Mane

Virendra is a dynamic, visionary, and distinct entrepreneur who believes in empowering the business world with innovations that foster not just success but pave the way to sustainable excellence. He holds over 28 years of experience in the software industry and has worked across various companies in India and the US. Virendra is the founder of QualEx and serves as the company’s chairman, MD, and CEO. He started with a small yet highly dedicated team that believed in his vision and capability to grow the company to the heights it is at today.


Virendra handles various critical responsibilities, including program management for large ODCs, business development, and architect storage products and solutions. His technical and strategic skills and people management skills continue to contribute to the company’s success and exponential growth.

Virendra is extensively experienced in data storage / file systems and holds several patents for solving seemingly impossible problems with seamlessly. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, he has devoted his time on studying and understanding various aspects relating to it and found answers to certain questions that otherwise baffled experts. His research paper has been recently published in an international peer reviewed journal.

When not strategizing and globetrotting for business, Virendra keeps himself busy with watching and reading about astrophysics, cosmology, evolution, writing on social media and spending time with his family. Choosing Virendra as your business refers to working with an innovative, visionary, and cultured tech partner.