Why Choose Us

  • Proven Track Record: Extensive experience in successful completion onshore and offshore projects
  • Solid experience: In Designing, architecture, developing and supporting applications in Data Storage domains.
  • Technical teams with expertise to work in cross cultural scenarios and various domains
  • Faster Time to Market; with our well setup state of the art infrastructure & Rapid People Deployment: Ability to hire required technology experts quickly
  • Cost effective with Best Practices: A competitive, flexible, transparent pricing model makes it easy for you to partner with us and gives massive ROI
  • Better IP protection – Secure development center to ensure the safety of your intellectual property with dedicated resources
  • Expertise in defining outsourcing policies, setting up and operating development units. End-to-end responsibility of projects
  • Our office facility is located at Pune, Education hub of India, as a result has a large pool of trained software resources available. At the same time, Pune has lower operating expenses i.e. low cost of production.

What People Say

  • My EMC org, Celerra NAS Engineering, has benefited from very significant system work done under Virendra's guidance at Qualex. Over the years, I watched Qualex grow into an extremely competent and productive development org, in the NAS and file system space. I would also highly commend Virendra for his business sense and ability to foster and grow an enterprise -- he would be a priceless asset for any high tech company that is interested in developing an operation offshore.

    Dr. Percy Tzelnic, Senior VP, EMC Corporation
  • Virendra built a large software development team at Qualex Systems that delivered significant capabilities to EMC in the NAS and file system space. I found him a person of high integrity who delivered well on his commitments and built a strong organization. Virendra also has strong technical depth in the file system space and a great work ethic with an emphasis on results. He also showed the ability to grow a business from the grounds up and interface well with his customers. I will be happy to provide a more detailed reference if desired, and I recommend Virendra very highly for someone who wants to incubate an offshore operation.

    Uresh Vahalia, VP NAS Engineering, EMC Corporation
  • I have worked with many software development outsourcing firms in India. My experience with Qualex and with Viru was the best in every way. The service provide by Qualex was of a very high standard. Both recruitment and engineering work was undertaken in a very professional manner with great attention to quality and service. This professionalism was driven from the top by Viru.

    At every stage of my business relationship I felt I was getting value for money and an honest representation of the technical or commercial situation. Over 5 years of working with Viru we had established a level of personal trust between us that greatly benefitted the business.

    I have no concerns about strongly recommending Viru as a development service partner.

    Ed Prager, VP & GM OneStor at Seagate Technology
  • Virendra and the outstanding team at QualEx were instrumental in the initial success of Courion's operation in Pune. Viru provided the space, recruiting, IT and back office support that we needed while we bootstrapped our technical team and helped us establish local connections when we had grown to a size where we required our own space and supporting services. Personally, Viru acted as a local partner helping me learn the dynamics of building and growing a team in India. I highly recommend Virendra and QualEx to anyone looking for a development partner in Pune or to anyone looking to build their own operation in Pune.

    Tim McAlice, VP Development, Courion Corporation